Allow to Treat Your Ears to Some Music

Welcome to! As we tidy up our offerings, can we interest you in something rather unusual? We came across this neat piece featuring a “China Organ,” and an “Akkordolia” – and I’m not sure that either of these actually fit under the category of an actual organ, but it’s one of the more odd sounds I’ve heard! After you watch that, keep scrolling…

So, after we saw THAT video, we came across THIS one, by Wintergatan, which isn’t even closely resembling an organ, but it’s called a Marble Machine, and uses 2,000 marbles that get activated to create the music.

The machine itself was built Martin Molin, and of course it was built to create a specific “song,” also by him. I honestly don’t know how people think this stuff up – but with over 45 million views, I sure hope that he’s making some money with this thing. You’ll be mesmerized!

Check it out, and please come back soon!